3: Goal Achieved, How This Agent Made The 30 Under 30 List: Casselyn Feinstein

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Casselyn Feinstein started in real estate at age 23.  At the time, she put a “30 Under 30” article on her fridge and set a goal to someday be on that list.  Well, she made it with time to spare.  Learn how she attained her level of success at such a young age.


Agent:  Casselyn Feinstein

Market: Southwest Chicago suburbs

Steal Her Ideas:

  • Use listings to get new buyers
  • Utilize floor time
  • Facebook page to create engagement
  • Advertise in local community media


Casselyn is a great example of someone who committed to real estate from day one.  She was willing to work hard and take the business no one else wanted so that she could learn and get any experience she could.

She says she was known around her agency as the person who would close down the office and open it back up because she was so willing to take up anyone’s floor time and get in front of as many people as she could.

Along with floor, she did open houses as much as she could and toured homes in the area so she could understand the inventory.

Casselyn’s facebook page is another way she gets business.  Starting with listings, she posts all her activity to create engagement with all the people she knows.

Beyond facebook, she advertises in a local community lifestyle magazine.  She says there’s a big benefit in exposure because so many people in the community see it.

Her website is also a great place for her clients and prospects to know more about her.  She has a nice mix of personal information, buyer/seller info, home listings, and more.  An important aspect of her site is that the feel and look of the site reflects her own personality.  It was very deliberate that her site “feels” light, fun, and engaging.

There’s a focus on her digital footprint because many of her clients in their 20’s and 30’s more highly value her facebook page and website than older demographic clients because, with the younger crowd, these tools help create a more intimate relationship and a higher level of trust.

She makes a great point that she doesn’t use any of these tools to be too “salesy.”  She goes on to say that there’s no connection between being good at sales and being good at real estate because real estate is all about trust and relationships, not just selling homes.

Lightning Round

What’s the worst marketing you’ve done that others should avoid:  Online lead generation portals.

What keeps you motivated:  To be the best I can be and always be succeeding.

You’ve got 30 days and $1000, what do you do:  Sit floor (it’s the best free activity you can do), take any clients that come your way, and mentor under a top agent.

How You Can Do What She’s Done

Dive in and volunteer to sit floor and open houses.  Find opportunities to get in front of people wherever possible.  Make it known throughout your office that, if another agent needs help, that you’ll volunteer to be there for them.

Make an effort to utilize facebook and your personal website to show people you’re not only active in real estate, but also a “real” person that is knowledgeable and trustworthy.


Casselyn Feinstein’s Website

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