19: 5 Ways To Establish Authority In Your Real Estate Market

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Having “Authority” in your real estate space/niche is the key to gaining new clients.  That’s because a real estate transaction is a big enough deal to most people that they not only want, but they feel they NEED, a true expert.

Here’s one of the definitions of Authority:

  • the confident quality of someone who knows a lot about something or who is respected or obeyed by other people

19 - 5 ways to authority
In real estate terms, consumers want an authoritative person that knows the area, average home prices, which schools are better than others, how to get the most money, or how to negotiate the cheapest possible price, among other things.

Real estate agents have traditionally tried to command this authority with having a ton of signs in the ground so the community sees their name.  And they try with direct mail farming, or door knocking, or picking up the phone 125 times a day and cold-calling their way to success.

More often than not, these approaches include some self-proclaimed authority such as:

  • The #1 agent in Springfield
  • I’ve sold more houses than anyone
  • I’ll get you 3.6% more money than another agent

But with a consumer’s instant ability to find out everything about you in a matter of seconds, isn’t there a new and better way to command authority?  One that’s easier over the long run and, in the end, more effective, powerful, and economical?

I think that the ultimate way to establish authority in your space as an agent is to consistently and predictably provide value to people.  Teach them something they didn’t know.  Earn their trust over time with knowledgable and thoughtful insight.  This insight is what they cannot get from a faceless algorithm on Trulia or Zillow.

Here are 5 ways to start creating and earning authority:

Provide Your Opinion

Real estate can be a very subjective experience.  One person’s “dream home” is another’s shack.  So, develop your own opinion and stick to it.  Stay committed to why you believe homes should be priced a certain way.  Don’t be afraid to state why you think a buyer might like a certain home over another.  Don’t be shy to give your interpretation of what they local real estate market looks like today and where you think it’s headed.

Consumers can find home-related facts anywhere.  But your opinion and interpretation of those facts is what makes you valuable.

Learn From Others

Your authority is directly related to the value of the insight you can provide.  Can you surround yourself with other agents who know more than you – or with agents who know different things than you?

Constantly be learning.  From this, your ability to teach your clients new things will be increasing and evolving.

Evolve To Meet New Demands

Real estate is changing like never before.  To stay relevant, we must demonstrate our ability to not only to keep up, but to be ahead of the trends to be able to provide our clients with new ways to sell and buy before they start asking for them.

Like every industry, real estate is evolving.  I don’t think you’re going to go out of business if you’re not tweeting 20 times a day or posting your new listings on Instagram.  But I do think that to work with new clients, you will need to be skilled with tools and techniques that consumers are hearing about in TV commercials, in the media, and through their friends and family.

Be Prepared To Reinforce Your Position

If you’re sharing your opinion and encouraging your clients and prospects to adopt new tools and new ways to think, be prepared to answer when people ask you “why.”  Leep in mind that an authority may flex, but typically does not change position for no reason.

Be prepared to stay true to your thoughts, methods, and processes.  Give people thoughtful structure and your perfect audience will cling to it and trust you.

Be Seen And Heard

It’s hard to become an authority if no one ever hears of you.  So, you need a platform to broadcast through.

What that platform is depends on your audience, but I’d suggest that it should be a digital presence.  More specifically, your website should be your main hub because that you own and can completely control.

Earn Your Authority

Authority you’ve earned is much more valuable than that which you’ve proclaimed upon yourself.

Demonstrate what you know in a manner where people can access it at any time and you won’t have to be convincing people to trust you.  Instead, they’ll come to you already trusting and believing that you’re the authority and, therefore, the solution to their problem.


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