Be On Our Podcast

Be On Our Podcast

microphone reverseShould you be a guest on our show?

Do you know someone who should be?

Let us know!

Being a guest is super-easy.  All you need to do is be available to talk on the phone for roughly 30 minutes.  I’ll even tell you the general questions you can expect to be asked.

We like talking to anyone that can help a real estate agent grow, learn, and succeed.  Usually we talk to other agents, marketers, real estate industry pros, and vendors of products/services that help agents.  But, we’ll consider anyone that has something worthy to say.

Once your episode is published, it will be accessible to listeners around the world via our site and networking partners.

You’ll receive the link to your particular episode and you’re free to use it for any type of promotion of your own that you’d like.  In fact, we’d love it if you’d promote your episode as much as you can.  It helps both of us.

Of course, being on our show is totally free.  So, let’s talk!


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