14: Making Direct Mail and Phone Calls Generate Real Estate Leads – Steve Simmons

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steve simmons real estate agentLearn how Steve Simmons uses a combination of direct mail and personal phone calls to generate lots of business.


Agent:  Steve Simmons

Market:  Los Angeles, California

Steal His Ideas:

  • Referrals (the “Buffini” philosphy)
  • Combination of prospecting and marketing
  • Direct mail newsletters
  • Geographic farms
  • Contests to get people interested and engaged

steve simmons newsletters


Steve and his team partner combine traditional referral generation with direct mail.

His newsletters typically go out about 8 times per year.  They generally relate some type of market activity to the local community.  This goes out to a couple thousand people both via postal mail and email.

Good “calls to action” are very important and they always use them to generate some type of activity from people.

Being in front of people every month or so keeps his name awareness top-of-mind.

His prospecting activities include lots of phone work.  His strength is in being able to connect with people and connect on more than just a “business” level.

His database is his gold.  He keeps track of who’s in the database and can prioritize them based on who gives referrals and who doesn’t.  Of course, people who provide referrals get more activity.

He makes calls to his sphere when he can. Steve makes use of downtime to connect with people. For example, driving around in his car is a great time to make calls and check in with people (a bluetooth headset helps keep his focus on the road).

When he meets up with people, he subscribes to the philosophy of “never showing up with an empty hand.”  Give people something of value to remember you by and they will appreciate it.

Steve isn’t afraid of asking for referrals.  He “shoots the breeze” with people and referrals naturally generate from these conversations.  He generally follows the basic principles of the Brian Buffini system.

Lightning Round

What’s the worst marketing you’ve done that others should avoid:  Throwing an event where people were not engaged with him.

What keeps you motivated:  Family, duty to provide.

You’ve got 30 days and $1000, what do you do:  Contact your entire sphere and ask for their help.  Then, strategically pick a neighborhood and start knocking on doors.

How You Can Do What He’s Done

Pick up the phone and say HI to people you’ve worked with.  Yep, it’s that simple.

Utilize newsletters on a consistent basis to keep people aware of your expertise.

Treat everyone like family.  Do the right thing at all times and they’ll trust you and be loyal to you.  And that results in referrals.


Steve’s Real Estate Team

Brian Buffini

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