Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

I don’t promote any business that directly sells you leads.

Instead, all my favorite things are products/services that help you to build your business so that you can earn and generate leads on your own.  I’ve personally used, like, and trust every item on this page. (of course, your experience may vary)

Some of these are free and some you’ll have to pay for and each are marked as such.

Some are an affiliate link (designated as “AL”) which means I will get a few cents to a few bucks if you buy that product as a referral from this site (at no additional cost to you).  Again, I only promote products I feel are truly valuable.

If you have a product/service you think should be on this list, use the form at the bottom of this page to tell us about it.



Technology & Productivity

iPad:  (paid)  Seriously, if you don’t have an iPad to help you in your business, you’re hurting yourself more than you know.

Docusign:  (paid)  How do you save incredible amounts of time plus have your clients love you?  Skip the paper and faxing and sign documents electronically with Docusign.

Docusign Transaction Rooms:  (paid)  Take Docusign one step further and store every document in the cloud with this integrated service.

Evernote:  (free)  Keep track of things digitally, all in one place.

Skitch:  (free)  Integrated with Evernote, Skitch helps you use screen shots and images to convey ideas quickly and effectively.

Odometer+:  (paid)  Automatic mileage tracker app for when you’re driving all around showing houses.

Marketing Your Listings

Animoto:  (paid)  Make incredible videos out of the real estate photos you already have.  Easy, cheap, fun, and looks killer.

Magic Plan:  (paid)  Create simple or complex floor plans for your listings.

Marketing Yourself

Haiku Deck:  (free) Want to make amazing, simple listing presentations that crush the typical PowerPoint slide?  This is it.

Agent Evolution:  (paid, AL)  You need a website if you’re an agent.  I personally love WordPress because it’s easy, cheap, looks awesome, and you can do updates yourself without technical skills.  Agent Evolution can help you get it set up.

Bluehost:  (paid, AL)  Your website needs to be run by someone.  Bluehost can do that for you.

LeadPages:  (paid, AL)  If you run ads directing prospects to take an action, use LeadPages as your landing page system.

Continuing Education

Feedly:  (free)  Keep track of all the great real estate blogs you read all in one place (this is the best Google Reader replacement I’ve found).

Houzz:  (free)  Inspiration for real estate photos, staging, and general home design.

Downcast:  (free)  Keep track of and automatically update all your favorite podcasts (like ours!)

Inman News:  (free)  Want to know what’s going on in the world of real estate?  Inman has you covered.

Keeping Current Matters:  (paid)  Keep up to date with the real estate industry trends with information and multi-media tools to use with clients.

Realtors Property Resource:  (free)  For Realtors through NAR, this is an amazing collection of data to research homes both on and off the market.

Photography For Real Estate Blog:  (free)  If you love real estate photography and/or  do pictures on your own, this is a great all-around learning resource.

Your Local Library:  (free)  Your local library has a ton of free information!  Before you buy another book, see if your local library has it first.

Audible:  (paid)   Like to listen to books instead of reading them?  Audible is your solution.

Client Management

ListingBook:  (paid)  If your local MLS works with ListingBook, you should be using it with your clients.  You can keep control of the search experience and see the activity level of each of your prospects/clients.


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