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Learn How Agent Uprising! Can Help You Get More Real Estate Clients Right Now.

Welcome!  This page will help you learn how the Agent Uprising! podcast, blog, and community can help you grow your real estate business.

No matter if you’re a brand new agent or you’ve been around the block a few times, I think you’ll find some new ideas here that will help you.


Hi – I’m John Reh.  I’m a residential real estate agent in the suburbs of Chicago and I’m the one producing this site.

I believe that we’re all lucky to be in real estate right now because there’s massive change happening in how real estate works.  And, whenever there’s a disruption in any status quo, huge opportunities open up to the forward-thinkers.

I believe that the future for real estate agents is at the intersection of personal interaction and online content.  This new world is a big shift from how many agents have traditionally approached their businesses.

It’s my goal for this site and podcast to help you take advantage of this new world of real estate by combining:

  1. inspirational and educational stories of how other agents have “made it”
  2. reviews/discussions of technology and tools that are worthwhile
  3. step-by-step instructions on how to adapt to changing consumer preferences and implement new ways to grow your business
  4. recommendations for products and services that actually make you more productive without breaking the bank
  5. a community of awesome agents who are ready to help each other and take their businesses to the next level


Basically, I’m trying to make the resource that I wish I would have had when I was first starting out in real estate.  I wish I would have had free, step-by-step instruction from a variety of top agents.  I wish I would have had guidance on what technology and tools were actually helpful in obtaining and servicing clients.  I wish I would have had more people to bounce ideas off of.

And, now that I’ve been in real estate for a little while, I’m always curious about how to do things faster, better, and cheaper.  And, in particular, how this applies to getting new clients.

I figured that if I’d like to know more about how other real estate agents do things to grow their business and what new tools are out there for us, then perhaps you might as well.


What you’ll find on this site are tips, strategies, tactics, plans, and ideas that can help you as a real estate agent.

I’m talking not only to other successful agents, but also to marketers, real estate industry pros, and vendors who can help you get to where you want to go as quickly, inexpensively, and efficiently as possible.

Agent Uprising is my way to help distribute information with a passionate community of like-minded agents who are working hard to do things the right way and are looking to be rewarded for that.


The Podcast

The Agent Uprising podcast is completely free.  You can listen to every episode in its entirety at no cost.

Each episode is either an interview with someone who can inspire your real estate business or an overview of a topic or tool that can help you get clients.

You can find the Agent Uprising Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher.  I’d recommend subscribing via your favorite app or media player.  In addition, every podcast can be played directly on our site.

The Blog

Every episode of our show will not only have the audio available to play directly on this site, but will also have its own episode show notes complete with all the links and important information you’d want to have handy.

The Videos

When available, each episode will also be recorded on video.


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