1: How To Absolutely Crush It Using Nothing But A Phone: Albert Garibaldi (part 1)


albert garibaldi, real estate agentAfter failing the real estate exam 3 times, Albert Garibaldi succeeded the fourth time around.  From there, he’s had nothing but success as a top agent in the Silicon Valley area.  He gives you the simple process to spend zero dollars on advertising, but rake in the leads day after day.  This is part one of two episodes with Albert.  You can find the second episode here.


Agent:  Albert Garibaldi

Market: Silicon Valley

Steal His Ideas:

  • Don’t wait – pick up the phone right now (it’s free!!)
  • Focus on anyone who’s motivated (doesn’t matter if it’s a buyer or seller)
  • Plan your day to the second
  • Do lead-generating activities every day
  • Don’t worry about fancy-pants marketing.  Just focus on picking up the phone and delivering real value and passion.


As a new agent, Albert realized that the phone was a free resource for him to find leads.  So, he spent about 8 hours a day phone prospecting.  As a result, he’s now one of the top 250 agents in all of California.

He doesn’t worry about all types of fancy marketing.  In fact, he pretty much only uses the phone…because it’s free and effective!

Albert makes sure that whoever he works with is motivated.  It doesn’t matter if they’re buyers or sellers as long as they’re an “8, 9, or a 10” on the motivation scale.  If they’re highly motivated, Albert will spend his time with them.

He also cancels more appointments than he goes on.  He’s great at getting appointments, but has realized that unmotivated clients just waste his time.  He’s “unattached” to the outcome and finds that, when he cancels, clients want him even more.

When you prospect every day, you’re in the driver’s seat.  You can choose who you want to work with because prospects are everywhere.

His whole approach in getting winning clients is in knowing that most of the success in real estate is related to proper pricing and a high level of motivation.

How You Can Do What He’s Done

real estate phone leadsIt’s pretty simple.  If you want to do what Albert has done, just pick up the phone and get great at talking with people and following up.

Always be on the side of your client; agree with them so that they trust you and you can help them in the long run.  When meeting with people, always make sure all the decision makers are there.  And make sure they’re all motivated.

Be passionate.  Be sincere.  With every call, pitch your heart because you believe that you are truly the best person they could possibly work with.


Albert Garibaldi website

agaribaldi (at) interorealestate.com

Mojo call dialer  





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