12: How To Sell $1M Homes With Postcards – Bob Pennypacker

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Learn how these 2 agents are using clever direct mail to sell $1,000,000+ homes consistently with a list of roughly 1000 people.

bob pennypacker and dianne vernonProfile

Agents:  Team of Bob Pennypacker & Dianne Vernon

Market: Sonoma County, California

Steal Their Ideas:

  • Postcards to their farm (demographic and geographic farm)
  • Yearly calendar with each month being a home they sold
  • Postcards to expired listings
  • Work as a team to get more done together than they could individually
  • Create custom “buyer’s guide” for their market


Bob and Dianne use direct mail in a variety of ways.

One of their pieces is a custom calendar sent to about 2000 people each Christmas.  On this calendar, each month is a gorgeous picture of a home that they sold that year.  This keeps their names, faces, and successes out in the market.

They also send out about 800 postcards to both current clients and a small farm.  This averages twice a month whenever they have sold a home (“just sold” cards) as well as anything interesting that’s going on with their business and market.

A printed newsletter that focuses more on current real estate market data is also a part of their plan.  This goes out to roughly 400 people monthly.

Bob and Dianne also work expireds with postcards.  With a bit of humor, their postcards attempt to strike an emotional chord with sellers and how their team can make changes to their current failing approach.   They get expireds from the MLS, filter the ones that are worthwhile, and then will also follow up with a phone call if they have a number.

It’s important to note that they’re strategically marketing themselves with each piece they send out.  They’re not just mailing cake recipes.  They’re putting their names and info on each piece with some type of valuable content that would be of interest to that particular reader.

For their “buyer’s guide” it started out with people just wanting information about the local market and they turned that into an in-depth digital brochure which you can see here.

While they are heavy into marketing themselves, they also put a lot of effort into marketing their listing,  But, in the end, even that marketing serves three purposes:

  • it keeps the sellers happy
  • it is used in other listing presentations
  • it sells the home

listing million dollar homes with direct mail


Lightning Round

What’s the worst marketing you’ve done that others should avoid:  Nothing.  Even when something fails, it was worth a try because there’s always something to learn from that experience.

What keeps you motivated:  There’s so much variety in this business, every day is new, fun, and exciting.

You’ve got 30 days and $1000, what do you do:  Get a real estate coach or mentor.  If you learn the business at the beginning of your career, you’ll succeed faster and have a better chance to stick around in this business.

How You Can Do What They’ve Done

Bob and Dianne’s approach is based around consistently being in front of people with direct mail.  Pick a farm area, keep in touch with your sphere, create interesting and valuable direct mail pieces, and consistently send to these people.  Follow up when necessary with the phone or email.

Bob admits it’s a lot of work.  But, it’s definitely working for them.


Their postcard mailing service:  Quantum Postcards

Direct mail strategy services and marketing:  Hobbs Herder

Our guide to sending just listed/just sold postcards


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