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If you’re looking for more clients and/or seeking ways to improve your productivity as a real estate agent, here are the things that I love to help people with as well as the items that I don’t personally train on.

I’d Love To Help You With…

* How To Connect With Leads And Close Deals In The New World of the Digital Consumer

Are you confused by what technology to use to be more productive?  Not sure how to implement it in a way that actually connects you to your prospects so you can close deals and make money?  Wondering how in the heck to solidify relationships when it seems that every lead just flitters away into an infinite black hole never to be heard from again?  Well, in the new world of the digital consumer, the rules of real estate have permanently changed.  I can help you with strategies and tactics on how to be looked at as an expert, authority, and trusted friend so that prospects and leads stick to you like glue.

* Facebook Advertising:  So Awesome, It Should Almost Be Illegal

Note that “facebook advertising” is completely different than a “facebook posting and engagement” strategy.  It’s also way different than a general “social media” strategy.  Facebook Ads are amazing, plain and simple.  What you can do with these ads is so sinister, they should almost be illegal.  If you’re doing ANY type of paid advertising, you should seriously consider stopping everything you’re doing until you know exactly what Facebook Ads can do for you.  I do Facebook Ads training for all types of agents no matter what current level of facebook knowledge that you have:

  • Facebook Ads 101:  for agents brand new to facebook and/or not super technical
  • Facebook Ads 201:  for agents familiar with facebook, but not as skilled in implementing an ads-based strategy
  • Facebook Ads For Pros:  for agents wanting and willing to learn the ins and outs of how to generate leads on auto-pilot
  • Facebook Ads Xtreme:  super-advanced techniques that will melt your brain with all the insanely awesome things you can do to find new prospects cheaper than anywhere else, track these people around facebook to stay in front of their face forever, and also stay in touch with your past clients on a regular basis for pennies.  This most advanced phase of Facebook Ads training will take some time to learn, but it is worth it!

* How To Make Webinars Your #1 Lead Conversion Tool

You’ve probably attended a webinar of some sort, but have you ever conducted one yourself?  Online webinars are the new way to build trust, educate your client base, and sell your services all at the same time.  Imagine having 5 or 10 or more prospects voluntarily coming to listen to you talk for 30-45 minutes!  Or how about having a handful of listing leads actually wanting to hear every word you have to say and having them put you on their schedule.  With well-crafted webinars, this can be your reality because you’re educating people in a way where they learn something valuable and you get to establish that you know what you’re talking about.  Webinars are my favorite way to convert prospects into bonafide clients.  They’re also low-cost (or even free!), easy to do, very interactive, and easily the next best thing to being with someone in person.

* Business Planning and Marketing Guidance

The most successful agents conduct themselves as a business, not just as Billy or Sally agent.  They have plans in place, goals to achieve, and a specific marketing focus.  If you’re unclear on how to act as a business and/or what your lead generation and marketing activities should be, then figuring these things out right now is probably a good next step for you.

* Speaking

Have a meeting, conference, or training session where you could use an entertaining and informative speaker to discuss one of the topics listed above?  I can help.

* On-Site Implementation

Have an office, team, or staff that you think could benefit from an in-person training session?  Or would you like me to be on site to help you one-on-one for a half-day, full-day, or longer?  I can do that.

What I Don’t Help With

No single person is great at everything.  And I believe that, if there’s someone that’s much better than me at something, I’d rather point you in their direction than try to help you myself.  I love the new digital frontier of real estate and that is my specialty.  But I also believe that many of the fundamental techniques of real estate have not gone out of style.  The following topics are those that I believe are still important but are not my personal strengths.  I can give you referrals out to other resources if you’re interested in learning more about:

  • expireds
  • fsbo
  • hard-core phone prospecting
  • door knocking
  • direct mail
  • scripts

Contact Me

If you think I might be able to help you, don’t be afraid to contact me.  I welcome all inquires, comments, and suggestions.

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