23: Why You Shouldn’t Trick Your Real Estate Prospects

So I get a call the other day from one of the big internet portal sites.  And they tricked me.

Here’s how they did it and why it makes me think less of them now.  Here’s also why I think we as agents should avoid this same type of behavior.

I was in a zone where I was getting things done and generally avoiding all other interruptions for a while (no email, phone, texts, etc.).  But my phone rang with the caller ID showing my local area code.  So, figuring it had a greater opportunity to be a real connection of mine than one that came from 10 states away, I picked up the phone.

23 home portal trick

“Hey John – this is Sammy from homeportalsite.com” (obviously, fake name and domain used here).  With a super-energetic voice, she proclaimed “I finally have zip code areas available for you to advertise in.  They’re in really high demand and they just opened up, so I wanted to give you the first opportunity at them.”

I’m not sure why anything in high-demand needs sales people to cold call you about it, but that’s a story for a different time.

Anyway, it was a short conversation as I explained that I do my own marketing.  But before the call ended, I remembered that the caller ID was from my own town so I asked “when did you get an office in Naperville?”

Her response was the basis for this whole article.

She said “oh, we don’t have an office there.  It’s just that our phone system creates a calller-ID number from the location where we’re calling to.  It’s helps in getting our calls answered.”

First, bravo for using technology in a creative way.

Second, I view this particular creative implementation of technology to be a trick.  Had I known who it was – or who it might have been – I wouldn’t have picked up the phone.

This, of course, is why they use it.  Because they know that I wouldn’t have answered the phone if it was a sales pitch for something that few people want.

This feeling of being tricked got me a bit frustrated.  The call was a waste of my time and, further, it makes me think even less of this company now because I know that their product is of so little value to most people that they have to come up with inventive ways to connect with me just to beg for my attention.

This got me thinking about the value that I provide to people:  

Is what I do of so little value that I have to trick people into talking with me?

I’m working hard to make sure that it isn’t.

I understand that prospecting is essential to stay alive in real estate.  I know that not everyone is going to want to hear from me at all times.  And I know that some people will see or hear me and think “oh great, another cheesy real estate agent” and not give me the benefit of the doubt.

But I also know that I’m not going to trick people into talking with me.

I feel that what I do has strong enough value that, if you’re in the market to be buying or selling, then you won’t be offended if I contact you in a straight-forward and transparent manner.  And I think we’re in a day and age where consumers are absolutely repelled by anything that has the slightest hint of shady sales tactics.

People don’t want to be tricked.  They have very limited time and so it requires us to up our game to make sure that when we do connect with them, they feel good about us when the conversation ends.

What do you think?  Is this just an arrogant rant or do you think that it’s right and good to employ any and every way to connect with possible new prospects, even if the method is a little devious?

Let me know in the comments below.

6: The Plan For Zero To $70 Million In 2 Years: Robert Gawel

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“Show up.”  That’s the summary for how to succeed in real estate, according to Robert.  His approach is simple, straightforward, and it works.  Going from zero to $70 million in sales in 2 years is pretty good proof that what he does can have a major impact on a person’s success.

Robert Gawel, real estate agentProfile

Agent:  Robert Gawel

Market: Clearwater, Florida

Steal His Ideas:

  • “Show up”
  • Be coachable and get with a good mentor
  • Be willing to do the work
  • Invest in yourself
  • Be on the phones by 9am
  • Don’t call FSBOs to get listings; call them to get to first base (see below for explanation)
  • Don’t hit the snooze button – you’ll be denying yourself of the time you’ve been given
  • The fastest way to get people to trust you is to add value to their lives.  Mathematically, show people how you can save them money.


Robert has had the opportunity to be an agent, manager, trainer, mentor, and business owner.  He currently owns his own brokerage as well as his own coaching and training program, the Real Estate Academi.

He feels that getting professional coaching right away can make a huge difference in your career both short and long-term.  Plus, once you have the knowledge of what to do, then you have to go and do it!

At the foundation of everything is a plan of attack with very specific systems.  Like any business, your real estate business must have systems in place and a schedule.

A schedule is important because we all have the same amount of time and you need to maximize every second.  Time-block appointments and activities so that you can do the same things at the same times every day and week.

On Mondays, he calls For-sale-by-owners from about 9am to 10am.  And, out of the “top 10” FSBOs he contacts, about half answer the phone and half of those turn into in-person appointments.  So, by the first hour of the week, Robert has at least a handful of “listing” appointments to go on already for that week.

During these appointments, his goal is not necessarily to turn them into clients on the first visit.  Although that would be nice, his first step is simply to get to first base and have a meaningful conversation.

In other words,  take the “Money Ball Approach:”

  • First base = Know you
  • Second base = Like you
  • Third base = Trust you
  • Home Base = Do business with you

Here are the three things you want when visiting a FSBO:

  1. First and last name of owner
  2. Their phone #
  3. Their email address
  4. (and you already have their property address)

From here, you can stay in contact with people after building rapport utilizing the FROG acronym:  family, recreation, occupation, goals.

Lightning Round

What’s the worst marketing you’ve done that others should avoid:  “Image ads” in various types of print media.

What keeps you motivated:   All the opportunities that are around you.

You’ve got 30 days and $1000, what do you do:  Get an expired/fsbo service with quality leads.  Then, go out and meet people.

How You Can Do What He’s Done

Be on a mission to solve other peoples’ problems and add value to their lives.  By doing so, your life will get better.  This is a business where you learn by doing.  Just show up, do something, and keep learning as you go.


Robert’s brokerage, Alexa Realty

Real Estate Academi

The RedX FSBO Leads


1: How To Absolutely Crush It Using Nothing But A Phone: Albert Garibaldi (part 1)


albert garibaldi, real estate agentAfter failing the real estate exam 3 times, Albert Garibaldi succeeded the fourth time around.  From there, he’s had nothing but success as a top agent in the Silicon Valley area.  He gives you the simple process to spend zero dollars on advertising, but rake in the leads day after day.  This is part one of two episodes with Albert.  You can find the second episode here.


Agent:  Albert Garibaldi

Market: Silicon Valley

Steal His Ideas:

  • Don’t wait – pick up the phone right now (it’s free!!)
  • Focus on anyone who’s motivated (doesn’t matter if it’s a buyer or seller)
  • Plan your day to the second
  • Do lead-generating activities every day
  • Don’t worry about fancy-pants marketing.  Just focus on picking up the phone and delivering real value and passion.


As a new agent, Albert realized that the phone was a free resource for him to find leads.  So, he spent about 8 hours a day phone prospecting.  As a result, he’s now one of the top 250 agents in all of California.

He doesn’t worry about all types of fancy marketing.  In fact, he pretty much only uses the phone…because it’s free and effective!

Albert makes sure that whoever he works with is motivated.  It doesn’t matter if they’re buyers or sellers as long as they’re an “8, 9, or a 10” on the motivation scale.  If they’re highly motivated, Albert will spend his time with them.

He also cancels more appointments than he goes on.  He’s great at getting appointments, but has realized that unmotivated clients just waste his time.  He’s “unattached” to the outcome and finds that, when he cancels, clients want him even more.

When you prospect every day, you’re in the driver’s seat.  You can choose who you want to work with because prospects are everywhere.

His whole approach in getting winning clients is in knowing that most of the success in real estate is related to proper pricing and a high level of motivation.

How You Can Do What He’s Done

real estate phone leadsIt’s pretty simple.  If you want to do what Albert has done, just pick up the phone and get great at talking with people and following up.

Always be on the side of your client; agree with them so that they trust you and you can help them in the long run.  When meeting with people, always make sure all the decision makers are there.  And make sure they’re all motivated.

Be passionate.  Be sincere.  With every call, pitch your heart because you believe that you are truly the best person they could possibly work with.


Albert Garibaldi website

agaribaldi (at) interorealestate.com

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