29: How I’ll Triple My Real Estate Production In 2015

January, 2015 will mark the beginning of my 3rd year as an agent in residential real estate.  And I plan to triple my real estate production from what I did in 2014.  Here’s how.

Prior to being an agent, I ran (and still own but have delegated the management of) a pet services company where we get 90% of all our new business from the internet.  And the majority of this new business comes to us for free without paid advertising.

In fact, one of the reasons I got into real estate was because I felt I could leverage what I learned in this other business to produce real estate leads.

Well, as it turns out, some of my internet magic works for real estate, but I learned that a lot of it doesn’t produce results in quite the same way.  So I had to look for new solutions to get buyer and seller leads.

how to increase real estate production
Over the last 2 years I’ve experimented in all types of ways with internet-based lead generation techniques.  As I start year 3, here’s what I’m going to focus on.

Note that none of what I’m doing is related to traditional techniques of cold calling, door knocking, farming with direct mail, open houses, or other typical activities.  Further, I’m also not using any pay-per-click systems related to getting buyer leads with IDX or anything like that.

I truly feel that there is a NEW way to do things in real estate.  And I’m doubling-down on my bet by forgetting about every traditional technique I’ve been taught.

This is all I’m doing for the next year.  And I think that this 4-part approach is going to work:

1.  Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are not at all related to what we’ve traditionally learned about Facebook and social media.  To me, the social media component of posting stuff to my Facebook timeline and getting “likes” is a bottomless pit of effort with no real tangible return.

Facebook Ads, on the other hand, give very specific results.  I know that if I spend X dollars, I will get Y number of leads.  If I don’t get as many leads as I want, then I know I need to change some component of the advertisement or lead capture process.

I’ll be using the ads for 3 main types of campaigns:

  1. Ads to bring cold traffic to sign up for a webinar
  2. “Retargeting-Loop” Ads for warm traffic
  3. “Custom Audience” Ads for those very familiar with me

See below for more info on the Webinars.

If you’re not sure what “retargeting” is, it’s a way for you to target ads only to people who have already come to your website.  So, for example, I’m going to be running ads to drive cold traffic to my website for local market updates.  Once they’ve been to my site and have some familiarity with me, I’ll be running retargeting ads directly to those people to have them sign up for a webinar or get other valuable content from me that’s specific to their interest (location, seller, buyer, etc.)

If you’re not familiar with “custom audiences,” it’s a way for you to target people you already have on some type of list.  So, for example, I’ll be uploading my list of clients and then running ads to those people every so often to remind them of my services and to think of me for referrals.

2.  Webinars

Webinars are online presentations.  I conduct these at my computer in my office and webinar attendees can watch and listen from where ever they are via phone, tablet, or computer.  It’s very convenient and cost effective.

Why webinars?  Well, the short answer is that they’re a great way for prospects (who are typically complete strangers) to get to know me and understand that I know what I’m talking about.

With webinars, people can see me live on video, hear my voice, get a sense of my personality, and learn something – all at the same time.

Plus, if a prospect is wiling to spend 45 minutes online with me, don’t you think they’re probably more serious than someone who spends 5 seconds clicking a PPC ad to sign up to get emails of new homes?  You bet they are.  Webinar attendees are A-level prospects for sure!

My webinars will revolve around seller and buyer-related topics.

3. My Email List

My list of real estate prospects is a crucial component to my plan.  Since you need to constantly be in contact with people, an automated email campaign is a must-have system to have in place.  Often referred to as a “drip campaign,” my email list will receive short messages from me generally related to buyer and seller tips and tricks.

4.  Video Testimonials and Referrals

You can’t go wrong with referrals, of course.  I’m definitely going to be more conscious of asking people for referrals and staying in contact with past clients.

Further, I’m taking the typical testimonial and cranking it up a few notches by getting video testimonials.  I’ve been able to get about 9 so far this past year.  Not everyone is wiling to be on camera, but I’ve noticed that those who are will typically be very excited to talk about me and my services.

These videos get uploaded to my youtube channel and put on my website.


Would you like to see how my plan turns out?

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My list gets regular updates on what I’m doing and exactly how I’m doing it.  Plus, I often interview top agents to learn their story of what they’ve done to make it big in real estate.

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What about you?  I’d love to learn how you’re going to make 2015 the best year ever. Leave a comment below.  Thanks!

22: How To Earn Clients By Finding A Need And Then Filling It – Barry Burnett

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Learn how Barry Burnett sees opportunity everywhere and creates business where there was none before.

Barry Burnett RealtorProfile

Agent:  Barry Burnett

Real Estate Market: Burbank, CA.  Roughly $600K-$1M average sale

Steal His Ideas:

  • Give, give, give
  • Find a need and then fill it
  • Earn clients
  • Be brave enough to ask for the referrals you deserve
  • Ask, ask, and ask some more
  • Love what you do and be passionate about your efforts


Starting on his first day when his boss said “here’s the desk, here’s the phone, welcome to the business, you’re on your own…and I’m not kidding”, Barry has gone on to be extremely successful selling homes over the last 4 decades.  Here’s a summary of how he did it.

Find and Fill

His overall strategy is to “find a need, then fill that need.”  If you stay focused on that, it will keep you busy forever.

But where do you find the needs?  Well, you have to look hard.  Think around the corners and look past the edges.  For example, if you’re looking at FSBOs, examine the copy that the home owner has written.  What is their need?  Obviously they need to sell their house, but what is beyond that?  Do they need to sell soon?  For a certain amount of money?  What is the need that you can notice that others have passed by?

Client Specialist

My first question to Barry was “how do you get clients?”  His simple answer was “earn them.”

I love that.

He goes on to say that he’s a “client specialist” and not a specialist of any particular type of geographic area or a property type.  He works with clients and ASKS how he can help them.

22 find fill need

Have Passion

“I don’t do real estate as a job.  I do it as a lifestyle and I consider it a participation sport.”

You have to love what you do.  At 4 decades into the business, Barry still works 11-14 hours a day.  That’s because he loves what he does.  He gives and gives and gives some more to his clients.  Because they know he is genuine and is giving to give (and not giving to get), they feel excited to help him back.  Mostly, that’s with referrals.

Ask, Ask, Ask

He is not shy about asking for referrals – as long as you’ve earned the right to do so.  There is no set schedule he goes by.  No planned attack.  He just asks.  Again, he just asks.  And, often, he gets.

Further, he recommends sending out “seasonally appropriate” information.  Like a local football schedule in the fall or tax tips at the beginning of the new year.

Marketing Vs. Selling

“Seasonally appropriate” information is marketing. It gets your name out there.  But, marketing doesn’t close deals.

So, you have to be able to sell, too.  Marketing is reminder of who you are and selling is the “ask” to see if you can create and facilitate a deal.

His Radio Show

Barry has a real estate-related show on a radio station.  He provides real estate investing advice.  He doesn’t do it to necessarily build his business.  He does it to provide accurate and helpful information.  But, of course, this translates into creating authority and trust in his skills and experience.

Lightning Round

What’s the worst marketing/prospecting/sales tactics you’ve done that others should avoid:  Don’t convince your clients to buy your passion.  Instead, help them to achieve theirs.  Also, be prepared to do everyone’s job, not just your own.

What keeps you motivated:  the constant hunt to find a need and then fill it.

You’ve got 30 days and $1000, what do you do:  knock on doors where ever people are (at businesses, out shopping, etc) because they’re often not at home

How You Can Do What He’s Done

Barry’s plan of attack is simple.  He is genuine, straightforward, and gives, gives, and gives some more.  By being passionate about the help he is providing, he is confident and diligent in asking for referrals.  And, of course, he gets them.

You don’t have to have a fancy radio show to build an audience.  You just have to love what you do and provide authentic and valuable information.  From there, your audience will grow all by itself.

More about Barry can be found on his website and his radio show.

14: Making Direct Mail and Phone Calls Generate Real Estate Leads – Steve Simmons

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steve simmons real estate agentLearn how Steve Simmons uses a combination of direct mail and personal phone calls to generate lots of business.


Agent:  Steve Simmons

Market:  Los Angeles, California

Steal His Ideas:

  • Referrals (the “Buffini” philosphy)
  • Combination of prospecting and marketing
  • Direct mail newsletters
  • Geographic farms
  • Contests to get people interested and engaged

steve simmons newsletters


Steve and his team partner combine traditional referral generation with direct mail.

His newsletters typically go out about 8 times per year.  They generally relate some type of market activity to the local community.  This goes out to a couple thousand people both via postal mail and email.

Good “calls to action” are very important and they always use them to generate some type of activity from people.

Being in front of people every month or so keeps his name awareness top-of-mind.

His prospecting activities include lots of phone work.  His strength is in being able to connect with people and connect on more than just a “business” level.

His database is his gold.  He keeps track of who’s in the database and can prioritize them based on who gives referrals and who doesn’t.  Of course, people who provide referrals get more activity.

He makes calls to his sphere when he can. Steve makes use of downtime to connect with people. For example, driving around in his car is a great time to make calls and check in with people (a bluetooth headset helps keep his focus on the road).

When he meets up with people, he subscribes to the philosophy of “never showing up with an empty hand.”  Give people something of value to remember you by and they will appreciate it.

Steve isn’t afraid of asking for referrals.  He “shoots the breeze” with people and referrals naturally generate from these conversations.  He generally follows the basic principles of the Brian Buffini system.

Lightning Round

What’s the worst marketing you’ve done that others should avoid:  Throwing an event where people were not engaged with him.

What keeps you motivated:  Family, duty to provide.

You’ve got 30 days and $1000, what do you do:  Contact your entire sphere and ask for their help.  Then, strategically pick a neighborhood and start knocking on doors.

How You Can Do What He’s Done

Pick up the phone and say HI to people you’ve worked with.  Yep, it’s that simple.

Utilize newsletters on a consistent basis to keep people aware of your expertise.

Treat everyone like family.  Do the right thing at all times and they’ll trust you and be loyal to you.  And that results in referrals.


Steve’s Real Estate Team

Brian Buffini

5: How To Sell $100’s of Millions In Real Estate With 5 Calls A Day – Anthony Marguleas


Anthony Marguleas real estate agentListen to today’s episode to learn how Anthony Marguleas has sold over $600 million in real estate and become one of the top agents in the country partially by making an effort to call and connect with 5 people a day.


Agent:  Anthony Marguleas

Market: Pacific Palisades area, California

Steal His Ideas:

  • Hire an assistant right away
  • Do the money-making activities yourself and delegate the rest
  • Avoid “image advertising” that doesn’t get results
  • Be the expert in your local paper and news media outlets
  • Call 3-5 people a day and reinforce the relationships you’ve made
  • Love your job


Anthony works a high-dollar market in California.  None-the-less, you can’t be one of the top agents and sell hundreds of millions in real estate without working hard and working strategically.

He got an assistant right away.  In fact, within a month of becoming an agent, he had hired someone to help him with the administrative work.  He says that you, as the agent, need to concentrate on the tasks that make you money.  Delegate any work that isn’t worth the value of your time.

Anthony has admittedly spent “a lot” of money on marketing.  Specifically, he’s done a lot of “image ads” with local papers, major real estate portals, and other places.  He feels that the return has not been worth it.  In fact, just recently, he’s scaled those marketing dollars back dramatically.  Although those dollars might produce a sale or two, there hasn’t been a consistent return for him.

He does make an effort to remain in the public eye with articles he writes for both local and national media outlets.  This helps continue to show his knowledge of the real estate market.  It promotes his name plus gives the public valuable information.  It also fills space in the newspapers he writes for, which are always hungry for new content.

To create business, Anthony works on making just 3 to 5 phone calls a day to people who he’s done business with or are in his sphere.  He genuinely cares about what he does and who he works with.  Making contact with these people naturally leads to referrals and reinforcement of that relationship.  As a result of this, he often gets 1-3 referrals a week.

Activity in the community is also important.  Aside from joining various networking groups, he also gives back to the community by donating to charity.

In creating solid relationships with clients, he and his team are proponents of using technology to make for seamless transactions.  From cloud-based tools to electronic signature systems, technology keeps his clients informed and helps with making transactions quick and efficient.

Lightning Round

What’s the worst marketing you’ve done that others should avoid:  “Image advertising” that doesn’t have a call-to-action

What keeps you motivated:  Every day is different, a positive attitude, and loving the job

You’ve got 30 days and $1000, what do you do:  Forget all the fancy marketing.  Go do open houses, connect with your sphere’s “connectors” to get you connected to other people, and meet up with people to build relationships.

How You Can Do What He’s Done

To sell hundreds of millions, you’re probably first gonna have to be in a market where the average sale is in the $1 million to $5 million range.  But, to be successful no matter where you are, just work the basics; meet people and commit to building relationships and staying in touch.


Anthony Marguleas Real Estate Site

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