Review: Odometer+ Mileage Tracking App

If you travel a lot for work like I do as a real estate agent, having a mileage tracking app on your phone is essential.

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Although there are a ton of apps for this type of application, my favorite one is Odometer+.  As of the date of this writing, you can find a version for both the iTunes Store for $0.99 as well as what appears to be an older version on the Google Play Store for free.

I used to keep a written log of my mileage and that was cumbersome, inefficient, and prone to errors.

I’ve also used other apps that were clunky or had too many features that I didn’t need or want.

What I like best about Odometer+ is that it’s simple and easy.  I can get in my car on a way to a listing appointment or to show some homes, hit the “start” button, and then forget about it until I get home and click the “stop” button.  It keeps track of my mileage to the hundredth of a mile and I don’t need to do anything else.

mileage tracking app

When you’re finished with a trip, you can also save that entry with a title and details.  For example, I will write a basic headline such as “Jen Smith showing.”  If I go on the highway with tolls, I’ll add more info to the entry by adding the toll amounts to the description so I don’t forget how much I spent.


For tax purposes, of course you want to be able to pull up a record of all the miles you’ve driven.  That’s easy in Odometer+.  All you need to do is have the app email you your history and you’re set.  Everything you did for the entire year is right there in a simple file.


Not only can you use this handy app for driving, but since it’s just a general GPS tracker, you can use it for walking, running, biking, or any other motion activity.

In real estate, I’m in my car a lot.  The Odometer+ app makes remembering where I went easy and efficient.


How To Use Feedly (To Be Smarter Than Your Competition)

Here’s how I stay up to date on topics that interest me:  I use Feedly.

With the demise of Google Reader, I was looking for another system that I could use to keep track of all my favorite blogs and news sources.  After a fair amount of research, I decided that Feedly was the next best system.  In fact, it’s probably even better than Reader ever was.

32 feedly

What Is Feedly?

Feedly, in their own words, is “the news you need to keep ahead.”  Further, it’s “a single place for all the stories you care about.”

It’s basically an online newspaper that only has the information you’re most interested in from your favorite writers and news sources.

You tell it what topics and news sources you want to keep track of.  It is completely custom for you and you alone.


How Do You Use Feedly?

I use Feedly mostly for work-related information.  Being that I work in marketing and real estate, I mostly keep track of blogs in these two industries.

There are lots and lots of blogs that I follow.  So, instead of keeping bookmarks of every one of those sites and going from site to site every day wondering if there’s something new (or being on all of their email lists), I just add their RSS feeds to my Feedly list and can then easily see which news sources have new information at any given time.

This saves me a ton of time and is an easy way to stay up-to-date on topics that are important to me.

How To Get Started With Feedly

Simply go over to their “Discover” page and type in any topic, keyword, or URL of a blog.  As you type keywords, it will give you suggestions on blogs you might be interested in.

feedly for real estate

Of course, you can create an account and then start saving feeds as well as categorizing them.  Here’s a view of how I have organized a few different topics that I’m interested in.

feedly categories and topics

Every day in the morning, I check my feeds and see what articles I want to read.  I think that spending a few minutes every day learning something new is a great way to start off the day before work really begins.

How Much Does Feedly Cost?

The basic version is free.   That’s currently what I’m using and it’s great.

If you want to upgrade, you can get a ton more features such as faster syncing, better searching and a bunch of other improvements for only about $45/year or $5/month.

You can use Feedly on your desktop computer or your phone/tablet.

If you’re looking to stay ahead of your competition and stay current with the topics that are important to you, give Feedly a try.  You’ll probably really like it and start using it daily.

8: A Managing Broker’s View On Succeeding In Real Estate – Kyle Rank

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Kyle Rank Real estateKyle Rank is a managing broker over about 75 agents.  Learn what he thinks regarding utilizing technology in real estate, where he sees other agents succeed and have troubles, and what it takes to make it in the world of real estate today.


Manager:  Kyle Rank  

Market: Hudson Valley, New York

Steal His Ideas:

  • A successful agent is summed up as:  hard working, dedicated, committed
  • The biggest opportunity for real estate agents is in following up more efficiently
  • Operate like you own a business
  • If you need help starting with technology, remember to keep it simple and not be overwhelmed
  • Love all your little successes


As a manager, Kyle sees successful agents as well as agents that are having some troubles.  The most successful ones see what they do as a business.  They have a plan and stick to it.

They work every single day to grow their business.  No matter what they do or how they do it, they are generating leads every day.

Successful agents are also awesome at following up.  They keep in touch with friends, family, prospects, and others continually.

Kyle loves technology and feels that implementing it in the right way can be hugely beneficial to agents.  For those that aren’t super technical, he suggests simplifying and not getting overwhelmed with a ton of new tools all at once.  Find a tool that you think can help you, try it out, and then try more tools as you get more comfortable in mastering those that you’ve already implemented.

Consumers are researching agents more and more and “social media” is important because it gives consumers a way to “get to know you” and see if you might be a fit for them.

A more specific use of social media is Facebook and keeping in touch with a lot of people at once.  For example, Kyle isn’t even an agent anymore and he still gets a handful of very serious leads every year just from his network of 1000 people who connect with him there.  He suggests posting a combination of personal and work items.

In his office, he’s seen a lot of success recently with agents partnering together.  A few agents have partnered together and others have hired outside help.  By them working together, he’s seen everyone grow bigger and faster.

For newer agents in his office, their training is more than just a mentorship with one agent.  Instead, a group of agents all volunteer to show a new agent what they do and how they do it.  This way, the newer person has a better chance to connect with at least one experienced agent who they match best with.

Never quit.  As a new agent, you should expect that it’s going to take 4-6 months to get some success.  Don’t slow down after just 60 or 90 days.  Keep at it and your career will work out.

Lightning Round

rank kyle coverWhat’s the worst marketing you’ve done that others should avoid:  Print advertising (newspapers, magazines, etc)

What keeps you motivated:  All the little successes you can have in real estate.  You have to love this to be successful at it.

You’ve got 30 days and $1000, what do you do:  Create your sphere and keep in contact with them.  Don’t forget the fundamentals of generating leads and following up.  Next step, research an active geographic area where people buy and sell and start a farm, such as using direct mail.

How You Can Do What He’s  Done

Kyle started out doing the fundamentals of FSBOs and expireds.  After showing success as an agent, he made his way to being a managing broker with his ability to manage, sell, train, and keep pace with technology.

Work hard, dedicate yourself to learning, and commit to serving your clients.


Kyle’s Website

Open Home Pro App

Smart Zip