How To Focus Your Real Estate Business

I’m a sucker for the “latest and greatest” shiny new object.

The benefit to that addiction is that, when I find a “winner,” I’m ahead of the curve on that topic because I was one of the first to try it out.

The downside is that I’m often chasing things that turn out to be losers, waste my time, don’t apply to real estate, and just generally shatter my focus.

So, this year, I’ve already begun a very concentrated effort to focus my real estate business on just a few things that have either worked for me previously or have shown strong potential.  Everything else is getting less of my attention – a lot less.

The way I’m doing that – and the way I’m focusing with laser-like targeting – is just to turn everything “off” that doesn’t help me get to my goals.  I’m looking at things in a very black or white manner.  Either they clearly help me or they clearly don’t.

focus on your real estate business

The first thing I’ve done is to eliminate much of my email.  I’m on a ton of real estate and marketing email lists and decided to weed out everything that doesn’t provide a ton of consistent value.  To do that quickly, I created an account with so that I could easily unsubscribe from any email senders I didn’t want any longer.

The next thing I did was to go through all my marketing efforts over the last few years.  I evaluated what efforts clearly and directly made me money.  Most didn’t, so they were crossed of my list.

Of anything that has shown potential, I prioritized how well each marketing tactic worked, what I like doing, and what I feel I can do consistently.  I was left with this real estate marketing plan.

I’m currently in the process to evaluate all my expenses from the last year.  By going through each expense, line by line, I’m taking notes on where exactly my money is going and if I can do without that particular investment in my business.  Of course, the goal to my refocusing efforts is to make more money, so it makes sense to figure out where I don’t have to spend it in the first place.

I turned off all “notifications” of emails and texts on my phone and computer.  These are notorious drains on your ability to focus on one thing.  I don’t hear any sounds or see any pop up notifications any longer.  I have to manually go and check for new messages and I’m trying to do this only sporadically throughout the day.

My office is super clean, too.  I took some time to throw away a lot of papers and items that I know I’m just never going to take the time to look at or read.  A clean office is an efficient office.

I’m getting better at planning certain times of the day for certain activities.  In an interview I did with Brian Icenhower, a lot of what he suggested that separates top agents from everyone else is their ability to build lead generation activities into their day just like any other scheduled appointment.

My days are not perfect and I’m not expecting that they ever will be.  But focusing my real estate business in the ways mentioned above has already started to increase my productivity and happiness.  I’m going to continue to forget about the 80% of things that drain my focus and concentrate on the 20% of things that make me productive.

How about you?  How do you stay focused in your real estate business?


2: How To Have Amazing Work-Life Balance In Real Estate: Albert Garibaldi (part 2)


albert garibaldi, real estate agentAlbert Garibaldi sells a ton of homes while still having a life.  Yes, it is actually possible to have balance.  However, the balance requires a ton of discipline and this is how he does it.  This is the second of two episodes with Albert.   You can find part one here.


Agent:  Albert Garibaldi

Market: Silicon Valley area

Steal His Ideas:

  • Create balance in your life to be successful in business
  • Consistency is the key to success
  • Commit to 2 hours a day to follow up with past clients
  • Commit to 1 hour a day of lead follow up
  • Be a “connector” and “facilitator” in your role as an agent
  • Make discipline in all areas of your life part of your job description


Albert’s discipline in all areas of his life contribute to his success.  He commits to having health and balance at all times.  Each day, he makes sure to take part in family activities (brining kids to school), in his health (he makes working out part of his job description), and in his business (constantly lead generating).

With each call, add value, bring passion, help people out.  Do that with each call and you’ll get “truckloads” of a return on your investment in time.

He is constantly going after it.  He says “don’t wait!”  Social media (etc.) is fine and good, but he gets business from being in the driver’s seat and making things happen by picking up the phone.

When you have a consistent schedule every day, you can be in the driver’s seat.  When you connect with people day after day, you can choose who you want to work with because you’ll have more business than you know what to do with.

Albert cringes when someone calls him a great “salesperson.”  Instead, he hopes people think of him as a great “leader.”  He feels that a leader is much more of what a successful real estate agent is.  That’s because a great leader has the courage to ask the tough questions that help his clients get the true results they’re looking for.

Be able to shift your state of mind when speaking with clients.  Understand the 4 types of personality types so you can mirror match their behaviors and thought processes.  He calls this being an “award-winning actor” and takes it extremely seriously.

The number one reason people hire him has nothing to do with his success.  It’s that he is honest and has passion.  People believe that he loves what he does and it makes them want to trust and like him.

When taking listings, don’t compete on “this is what I do for you.”  Instead, compete with your passion, enthusiasm, knowledge of the market, and being able to price so that a house can sell at the absolute maximum price without lingering on the market.

Lightning Round

What’s the worst marketing you’ve done that others should avoid:  [this is a first:  I didn’t hold Albert to answering this because he crushes it so big with phone work that he doesn’t waste time with things that don’t work as effectively as that]

What keeps you motivated:  To be a part of his clients’ journey of life.

You’ve got 30 days and $1000, what do you do:  First, go find a great broker that gives you value and teaches you.  Don’t shop the splits.  Understand their training and accountability systems so you can have long-term success.  Second, start with 100 people who you know and stay in contact with them every month.  These are your supporters who can help you get started.

How You Can Do What He’s Done

Each day, commit to doing “family work”, then “personal work”, then “work work.”  There must be balance in your life to truly be successful.  Discipline is the key to making all this work.  Schedule everything into your day.

Be a great leader, not a salesperson.

Get focused on listening and be in the right state of mind to match the behavior of the person you’re speaking with.


The Power of Charm book

Albert Garibaldi’s website