17: [TOOLBOX] Discover The #1 Secret To Generating Facebook Real Estate Leads

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The Secret

When I talk to agents, I find that Facebook to most of them is the most confusing and misunderstood marketing tool out there.  People really have no idea how to harness all the potential that it has.  And, it’s no wonder because Facebook changes their system almost every week.

generating leads with facebook

But, one thing always stays the same.  And that’s that Facebook wants you to do one thing: PAY THEM

Yep, if you want to reach your current audience or build a new one, you will need to fork over a few bucks.

And so the secret to generating new real estate leads on a continual and predicable basis with Facebook is to invest in and learn to utilize the Facebook Advertising system.

Before you write Facebook off because you have to “pay to play”, consider that this medium is, by far, the most economical, efficient, and powerful advertising system you could possibly use in your real estate business.  Facebook truly is a game changer as far as generating leads is concerned.

In fact, in my humble opinion, Facebook is the biggest bang for your real estate marketing buck…ever. Of course, this assumes you’re doing it correctly.  Because, when done incorrectly, it’s an incredible vacuum sucking your marketing budget dry faster than you thought was possible.

If you have any thoughts about using Facebook in your business, you just need to accept the fact that the days of using Facebook for business purposes for free are long gone.  If you’re not wiling to fork over a few bucks, then Facebook really isn’t for you unless you’re that extremely rare exception of the total social butterfly who has thousands and thousands of friends on a personal profile (not business profile) and you’re really, really good at networking.  In that case, you could likely still be generating a consistent flow of new leads by referral.  But, for the other 99.9% of us, the advertising route is going to be the way to go.

What Can You Do With Facebook Ads?

One of the really amazing things about Facebook Ads is that they allow you to do pretty much any type of advertising you can do with other mediums, but in a better, faster, and cheaper way.  Here’s just a few basic ideas:

  • target a geographic farm
  • target a list of your past clients for referrals
  • keep advertising to A, B, and C-level prospects with various campaigns
  • offer items of value to current and new prospects
  • reach thousands (or tens of thousands) of people directly in your local area
  • promote an open house
  • promote a “just listed” or “just sold” campaign
  • target an incredibly-focused demographic of sellers and/or buyers
  • you can even keep track of those who clicked on your ad but did not provide you with their contact information

And you can do a lot of this for $10 to $50 at a time – and get results!!!

Here’s The Key To Generating Leads

Now that you know that the secret to using Facebook is to incorporate paid advertising, the key to generate leads is by placing ads that target a specific type of person with a specific offer.

You use various offers to entice people to take the action you request in your ad.  Maybe it’s to exchange something of value for their contact info.  Or, maybe you’re just promoting a piece of content that people interact with so that you can then track and serve more ads to these people.

There are a variety of ways to use Facebook Ads.  Remember that the Facebook platform cannot support over a billion users for free and the resources they give you to advertise in amazingly powerful ways are worthwhile to learn and invest in.

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