What Is A Facebook Custom Audience?

You can do some amazing things with Facebook Ads.  Of course, with any of our ads, our number one goal is to sell in one way or another to achieve a specific result.

What Is A Custom Audience?

One of the best ways that we can increase the effectiveness of our ads to maximize our results is to advertise to a group of people who already know who we are.  But how can we do that?  The answer is to use Facebook Custom Audiences.

So, what is a Facebook Custom Audience anyway?

facebook custom audiences

Well, it’s essentially a collection of people who already know us – or at least have a connection to us in one way or another.

Examples of people you already know in your real estate business that could be a Custom Audience are:

  • current clients you’re working with
  • past clients
  • prospects you keep in touch with
  • people you meet at open houses
  • contacts you get from your online lead generation activities
  • new people you meet at business-related social gatherings

The above examples are all groups of people who you likely already have some decent connection with and may have possibly even met with.

But what about lower-level prospects?  What about those people who have just come across you briefly online but haven’t made any real connection with you yet?  How can you use them as a Custom Audience?

Facebook is really helping you out here because they allow you to keep an “invisible list” of these people.  The way they do that is to allow you to add some special code to your website to keep track of visitors to your site.  You can even add this code to landing pages that may not be a part of your site so you can keep track of these people, too.

Why Are Custom Audiences So Important?

Custom Audiences are so important because they allow you to effectively and inexpensively reach the people who know you and are thus the most likely to do business with  you!

As a real estate agent, you’re busy with all types of activities trying to not only close existing deals, but also create new deals by staying in touch with people.

Think of Custom Audiences as the cheapest way to consistently and effectively be in front of people who are your next deals.  By automating ads that go out to these Custom Audiences and paying relatively little for them, you’ve got a reliable system of being top of mind that actually works.

Stay tuned for additional articles on Custom Audiences and how to integrate them into your real estate marketing…


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