18: Why Open Houses Still Trump Internet Leads – Mark Allan Bua

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“Internet buyers don’t exist until you meet them.”  Learn how Mark’s team updated their approach to bridge internet leads with old school techniques.

Mark Allan Bua real estate agentProfile

Agent:   Mark Allan Bua

Market:  Los Angeles, California area

Steal His Ideas:

  • “Meeting” internet buyers
  • Open houses
  • Expired listings
  • Phone prospecting
  • Following up

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Mark’s team initially betted too big on the internet.  But, with an adjustment to not count on them too heavily, they returned to more traditional approaches such as open houses.

They also evaluate the market to see where they can capitalize.  For example, his local market currently is in a position where prices rose too quickly.  As a result, there are many more expireds on the market.  So, they work expireds hard to get new business.  And, for their own clients, they work hard to make sure they keep their prices in line with where the market really is.

To find expired listings, they do research to find phone numbers, emails, and any other source of contact information they can find.  They then make presentations to discuss what they’d do differently.  They often find that the problem is not just price.

As a Keller Williams member, they follow their prescribed principles of lead generation such as shooting for 2 hours a day of prospecting.  They have no problem picking up the phone asking “who do you know?” that would be interested in their listings.

To try and keep people engaged, they use “mirroring” to emulate the emotions and demeanor of the person on the other end of the phone.

Of course, the key to all of this is to keep following up with people, such as the “33 touch” program.  Without follow up, you won’t close many deals.

Lightning Round

What’s the worst marketing you’ve done that others should avoid:  Non-targeted advertising

What keeps you motivated:  Giving back to other agents and the community at large

You have 30 days and $1000, what do you do:  Put on some good walking shoes and start knocking on doors.  Sit an open house in the neighborhood where you want to concentrate.  You don’t need the $1000.  All you need is the motivation.

How You Can Do What He’s Done

Don’t rely too much on the internet.  Don’t be afraid to fail.  Just go out there and start talking to people.

You have to meet people before they can become your clients.

Stick to the basics of open houses, door knocking, and cold calling and you’ll get to contact people who may end up being your clients.


Mark Allan Bua, The Home Front Group

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